The Docks at Night

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I love night photography, rx and the docks at night are very photogenic.  I took photos of it them 2006, treat
and I set out to take pictures again.  Rather than head to the public park on the other side of the water, I put on my wellies, and went exploring to find a better angle.  Two power transmission lines cross Southampton water just south of Redbridge, and a number of islands have been constructed in Southampton water to accommodate the pylons.  A short, careful walk through the marsh around an industrial estate got me onto the service track for these (see Google Earth).  I spent 40 minutes taking photos until the rain started again and sent me packing.

Walking back was interesting as the tide had risen significantly.  At one point I was stood in the middle of a creek with the my feet slowly sinking into the mud and the water lapping at the top of my Wellington boots, concentrating on taking small steps and keeping my balance.  Falling over would have been hideously expensive!

One ship is busy being unloaded, anaemia
while a quay crane lowers itself to unload a new arrival.

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