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I attended the Open Repositories 2014 conference last week, and harvested the conference twitter hashtag using an EPrints repository with the Tweepository package installed.  During the conference I generated wordles which I tweeted (the tweepository package makes that a two-click process).  These proved to be quite popular, so I thought I’d archive them here.  Anyone interested in the trends of the conference can do a comparison.  Here they are with their original tweet texts:


Over the course of the conference, there were 5684 tweets, distributed in the shape you would expect for a conference:

Tweet Frequency

Note that today’s count (2014-06-17) is not yet complete.  There’s been an increase in twitter activity due to the presentation videos becoming available (see ‘Links’ below).


The top 10 tweeters were:

  1. yo_bj (485 tweets)
  2. jarmosaarikko (476 tweets)
  3. digitalUTSC (298 tweets)
  4. pennyb (242 tweets)
  5. williamjnixon (193 tweets)
  6. flexnib (163 tweets)
  7. torstenreimer (133 tweets)
  8. OpenRepos2014 (87 tweets)
  9. xmacex (81 tweets)
  10. archelina (75 tweets)

The top mentioned people were:

  1. yo_bj (306 mentions)
  2. williamjnixon (282 mentions)
  3. emckiernan13 (205 mentions)
  4. torstenreimer (178 mentions)
  5. pennyb (151 mentions)
  6. flexnib (147 mentions)
  7. digitalUTSC (140 mentions)
  8. figshare (117 mentions)
  9. neilstewart (112 mentions)
  10. OpenRepos2014 (88 mentions)


The most retweeted were (apologies for putting in an image of text, but it’s fiddly to do anything other than take a screenshot of the tweepository page):

Most Retweeted

…and the top hashtags (excluding #OR2014) were:

  1. #openaccess (132)
  2. #EPrints (81)
  3. #P1A (68)
  4. #altmetrics (59)
  5. #P6A (58)
  6. #reporants (41)
  7. #elag2014 (36)
  8. #IG5A (32)
  9. #fcrepo (31)
  10. #P3C (29)
  11. #or2015 (28)

(top 11 because number 11 is mildly interesting)


Links are a little tricky because urls are wrapped in urls by twitter, and those URLs themselves may be short URLs, but with a little clicking, all links with 20 or more mentions are shown below (I would have done more, but I got bored clicking on links to find out what they are):

  1. OR2014: Schedule for remote participation (74)
  2. OR2014: Recorded sessions available (42)
  3. Figshare (Keynote Slides) (37)
  4. (Fedora 4.0 Beta is Now Available!) (28)
  5. Slideshare (Becky Yoose’s Repositories Rant) (26)
  6. LSE Blog Post (Institutional repositories provide an ideal medium for scholars to move beyond the journal article) (22)
  7. Developer Challenge – Ideas to get you started (20)

Terms of Service

I’d love to give the full data for analysis, but that’s against the Twitter terms of use 🙁

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