Easter Trip to Cornwall

Over the Easter break, we spent two days in Cornwall.  I say that, but it was really one day in Cornwall and one day driving, spread over two day.  We went to Tintagel Castle and Pendennis Castle, which were both amazing.  The kids were most excited, however, about staying in a hotel.

Tintagel Castle

We arrived in the late afternoon with enough time to see the castle. The weather was surprisingly good (this area of England is known for it’s windy, rainy spring weather) and we had a relaxing couple of hours walking around the castle. It seemed less of a castle and more of a large park with some ruins in it. The views down the coast were stunning.

Pendennis Castle

After a night’s sleep at a travelodge (which was actually the main purpose of the trip — the kids wanted to stay in a hotel), we went looking for Pendennis castle.  I have become over-reliant on my smartphone for navigation, so the first step was to find a place with a good signal, which took about an hour of driving in approximately the right direction.

Pendennis Castle was built to protect Falmouth bay, and is another stunning place to go on a fine day.  They had a special event going on, with re-enactors playing the part of smugglers to entertain the children.

The Bar Next Door

My brother Ben and his friend Nathaniel are starting a band.  They have a regular gig at a bar in Worthing.  I popped along to watch him, and I had fun taking pictures and video of them and the bar.

The Skate Park

Noah is always eager to get out on his Skateboard.  Out skate-park of choice is just outside of Romsey, and is generally quite quiet.  Noah’s confidence has grown, and he goes up and down most of the ramps (though not the half-pipe).  Hetty tends to be a little more pedestrian with her scooter.

A Wet, Wet Winter.

In late December, on the children’s last day of school, my nephew and I set out to collect them from school.  We had a few minutes in hand, so stopped to take some pictures.  It was a damp and dreary day, and we hadn’t walked far from the car-park before the path disappeared under the flood of water that is usually a small, well-contained stream.  Even for England, we’ve had a lot of rain recently.