Snow in my Neighbourhood

Snow in Southampton is a rarity.  We get a couple of snow showers every year, but they rarely lay.  Every few years, however, we’ll get a couple of inches, which will shut the city down.

Today was such a day.  We got a text message from the school informing us that it was closed, and so I decided to brave the weather and drive to work instead of cycling.  This turned out not to be a fantastic plan; my 20 minute drive to work turned into a one-hour drive followed by a 30 minute walk.  I arrived at the university just in time to be told to go home as the University was about to close due to the weather.

When I eventually got back home, I found we had a dangerously low supply of  hot-chocolate, so I walked to the supermarket to pick up supplies, taking my camera with me.

A Wet, Wet Winter.

In late December, on the children’s last day of school, my nephew and I set out to collect them from school.  We had a few minutes in hand, so stopped to take some pictures.  It was a damp and dreary day, and we hadn’t walked far from the car-park before the path disappeared under the flood of water that is usually a small, well-contained stream.  Even for England, we’ve had a lot of rain recently.