Open Repositories Twitter Trends

I attended the Open Repositories 2014 conference last week, and harvested the conference twitter hashtag using an EPrints repository with the Tweepository package installed.  During the conference I generated wordles which I tweeted (the tweepository package makes that a two-click process).  These proved to be quite popular, so I thought I’d archive them here.  Anyone interested in the trends of the conference can do a comparison.  Here they are with their original tweet texts:

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I’m in Helsinki for a conference, and I’ve been walking around, taking some pictures.  Here are five of them.

White Faced Saki

I haven’t been out with my camera lately, but I did get a nice shot of a White Faced Sake at Marwell Zoo.  I had a play with my black-and-white processing software, and then with the colour processing software.  Here are the results for the same photograph.  I thought the black-and-white one was best at first, but the colour one is winning me over.

Marwell Portraits

On Noah’s birthday, we bought season tickets to Marwell Zoo, and we’ve been making good use of the tickets ever since.  I’ve also been playing (again) with black-and-white processing, just for fun :)  Here are some animal portraits.

The Black Eagles

The Korean Air Force flight display team, the Black Eagles, performed over Expo Park in Daejeon to commemorate 20 years since Expo ’93.  The display was spectacular, and challenging to photograph.

Jinjang at Sunset

I spent the weekend at my mother-in-law’s house, way out in the countryside of Korea, in the village of Jinjang.  The weather was so hot that we spent most of the daytime just lounging around the house and avoiding the sun.  In the evening, I went out to take photos with the tripod I got for my birthday.  I also tried my hand at HDR photography for the first time, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

Details of Old Sarum

A year ago, we got English Heritage family membership, which paid for a years’ entry to a large number of castles and other historical sites over England.  We got our money’s worth, but won’t be renewing — we’ve seen all the castles we can conveniently get to.  However, the membership was about to end, so we used that as an excuse to visit nearby Old Sarum.

I’ve posted about Old Sarum before, and visited so many times that it was hard to get excited about photographing it, so I experimented with highlighting details of the castle rather than the whole castle itself.


Spring is here.  I drove the kids to school one morning (it’s a 25 minute drive through the countryside) and was dazzled by the bluebells, so stopped to take a few pictures.

Lower Test Nature Reserve

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to take some snaps, so I made some time on a Sunday morning while my family was at church, and went for a walk to a local wetland reservation.

Easter Trip to Cornwall

Over the Easter break, we spent two days in Cornwall.  I say that, but it was really one day in Cornwall and one day driving, spread over two day.  We went to Tintagel Castle and Pendennis Castle, which were both amazing.  The kids were most excited, however, about staying in a hotel.

Tintagel Castle

We arrived in the late afternoon with enough time to see the castle. The weather was surprisingly good (this area of England is known for it’s windy, rainy spring weather) and we had a relaxing couple of hours walking around the castle. It seemed less of a castle and more of a large park with some ruins in it. The views down the coast were stunning.

Pendennis Castle

After a night’s sleep at a travelodge (which was actually the main purpose of the trip — the kids wanted to stay in a hotel), we went looking for Pendennis castle.  I have become over-reliant on my smartphone for navigation, so the first step was to find a place with a good signal, which took about an hour of driving in approximately the right direction.

Pendennis Castle was built to protect Falmouth bay, and is another stunning place to go on a fine day.  They had a special event going on, with re-enactors playing the part of smugglers to entertain the children.